Occlusion Course

Best Occlusion Course in NYC for General Dentists

4 Day- Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Occlusion Course

  • Diagnose, Manage, and Treat the Worn and/or Implant Supported Dentition
  • Increase VDO with Certainty
  • Treat Worn Dentition Confidently
  • Restore Implant Supported Prosthesis Predictably

Confidence Can Grow Your Practice!
Learn from the Master of Occlusion!
Occlusion Can Help Grow Your Practice!

Level 1 Live 4-Day Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Occlusion Course
(Prerequisite to level 2).

Upcoming Classes:
Oct 24-27, 2024

Level 2 Live 3-Day Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Occlusion Course

Upcoming Classes:
Oct 24-27, 2024

Just some of what we’ll cover…

Course Description

  • Believing in Full Mouth Rehabilitation Philosophy
  • Staff and Office Considerations
  • Confidence is Everything
  • Performing at Your best

Course Description

  • Color Communication and Photogrpahy
  • Feldspathic, Emax and Zirconia Materials
  • Smile Design and Provisionals
  • Preparation for Success, and Occlusion and OVD

Course Description

  • Philosophy of Occlusion
  • Classification of Occlusion
  • 10 Levels of FMR
  • Understanding Occlusal Vertical Dimension
  • Face-Bow, Records and Reference Points
  • Provisional Restorations as Blueprints
  • Centric Position for Ideal Restorative Materials
  • Joint Analysis for long term success
  • Implant Occlusion
  • Staged Cases for FMR
  • Anterior Implant Occlusion
  • Maxillary and Mandibular Implant Designs for Occlusion
  • Implants and Natural Teeth Philosophies

Course Description

  • Implant Efficient Impressions
  • Verification Techniques
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Ideal OVD principles
  • Current Zirconium Application in FMR

Course Description

  • Blue Ocean Philosophy

Course Description

  • Jaw Relationship
  • Denture Prosthodontics
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Various Material used Implant Prosthodontics
  • Current Zirconium Application in FMR

Course Description

  • Diagnose and recognize the etiology of tooth wear
  • Analyze the type of wear
  • Become familiar with different modalities of treating the worn dentition
  • Materials available to restore the worn dentition

Course Description

  • Overview of FMR Principles
  • Photographic Sequence
  • Restoring OVD with Ideal Documentation
  • Treatment Planning and Sequence of Treatment

Course Description

  • Proper Documentation
  • Standard of Care Philosophies
  • Complicated Procedures and Protecting your Practice
  • What matters and what matters more

The FMRNYC Experience

Excellence in Dentistry

Join Dr. Dean Vafiadis and the rest of the FMR Faculty as we guide you through everything you did not learn in Dental School, including courses covering Implants, Aesthetics, Occlusion and More! Space is limited, so be sure to register today to take the next step in your dental evolution. FMR Course Brochure All Day Digital Office


It was our pleasure and honor to be part of the amazing event. I also have learned much from it and enjoyed entirely. Your vision, passion, and energy inspired me so much. I’ll always do my best to be able to give FMR programs the best supports.

We’d be proud to support the future FMR event. Again thank you for having us as part of the amazing team.

If occlusion is something you struggle with on a daily basis, this course is for you. Course is concise, accurate, easy to understand and gives you enough understanding to do your cases confidently, whether restoring single tooth or full mouth.

The faculty is experienced and very well knowledgable on all topics presented. The course will give you inspiration and excite you to tackle more difficult cases at your office with ease. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you for opening me up to the FMR, four day course. I enjoyed it so much and picked up so many ideas and knowledge.

When we have been practicing dentistry for a long time, most dentists resist trying to better their skills and knowledge. We all need to advance ourselves no matter what stage of our careers we may be at. As well as accept that we should never stop learning. Your FMR course, the staff,and your leadership is a breath of fresh air that motivates all that attend. Thanks again !!!