Dentistry can be a very exciting profession. What makes it stressful is unpredictability. We cannot control labs, biology, chaos in the operatory or in the clinic.

We can control ourselves and our confidence to do the right thing. To make the right decision. To treat our patients as we would ourselves and our families knowing what we know. That is what we are teaching. To know what you know, and to be confident with every decision.

It starts with diagnosis and “correct” treatment planning, specific to every patient. The minutia that we deal with everyday can give major and amazing results if we are treating in the right direction.

Occlusion philosophy can be a wide array of thoughts, concepts, rules, dogmas and perpetual analysis. Applying it to clinical practice is where reality meets the patient.

We are teaching this confidence with repetition of sound principles true and tested for over 60 years with over 25 faculty during the course of all of our careers.

Step into the dental world of success, confidence and the New Age of Occlusion.