Video Testimonials


Dr. Dean,

Let me start by saying, I thoroughly enjoyed the FMR course last month, and really felt like it was a paradigm shift for me.  The second day I was back I was able to identify problems in several cases I had in progress, and began moving them in the right direction.
Most gratifying was when out of the blue a colleague of mine called and asked my advice on an FMR case he had been forced to redo several times. I went to his office and sat with the patient and was able to deduce in about 10 minutes that the problem was a poorly designed occlusion with no guidance. The patient had been in pain for weeks. I spent about an hour adjusting the occlusion, and re-establishing guidance, and the next day the patient called back pain free! My friend was thrilled that I was able to help him, and now I’m guiding HIM through the steps to start fresh and make the case right.
Thank you again! I’m looking forward to coming in April to continue my training with you.
Saqib H. Mohajir, DMD

Pinewood Dental

If occlusion is something you struggle with on a daily basis, this course is for you. Course is concise, accurate, easy to understand and gives you enough understanding to do your cases confidently, whether restoring single tooth or full mouth.

The faculty is experienced and very well knowledgable on all topics presented. The course will give you inspiration and excite you to tackle more difficult cases at your office with ease. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!

Dr. Beenish Orr

Dear Dr. Dean,

It was our pleasure and honor to be part of the amazing event. I also have learned much from it and enjoyed entirely. Your vision, passion, and energy inspired me so much. I’ll always do my best to be able to give FMR programs the best supports.
We’d be proud to support the future FMR event. Again thank you for having us as part of the amazing team.
Steve Kim